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 Some Help With A Contest I'm Doing

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PostSubject: Some Help With A Contest I'm Doing   Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:57 pm

So, yeah, in GTS+, which I'm sure you guys are all familiar with, I have a group for GPX+ called the Shiny Lovers. This month I finally got a shiny hunt up, but...
As well as not having anything too creative for prizes, I don't know how I should dispense points.

In the event, points are attributed by:
A) Time Taken
B) Eggs Hatched
C) (Sometimes) Dress-Up
D) (Usually not) Gender (this is mostly for pokemon that have gender minority)

Topic = http://forums.gtsplus.net/index.php?showtopic=59355
If you want to give me an example, look at the front page and compare with one of the winnning posts.

Also, I was thinking for prizes, it could be:
1st Place:
(Possible) 1st place Bauble that comes from but is not for the event.
Chosen Trinket of ANY Rarity
Splice of their choosing
The Shiny
They be winner.
Mascot along with Ace

2nd Place
2nd place bauble or requested 2nd place trophie
Random Trinket Of ANY Rarity
Splice of their favorite shiny and the winning shiny.
The Shiny

Third Place
3rd place trophy or bauble.
Random Trinket of Rarity 5 or less
Splice of the winning shiny with a random shiny
The Shiny

Undetermined if their will be places below that.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Help With A Contest I'm Doing   Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:12 pm

Well, I have no fircken idea what Trinkets are, because I haven't been on GPX+ For a while, but it sounds good c:

Well, for points, If it Takes 10 Or Less eggs to get the shiny, make it have lots of points, then for every 20 the number goes up, the Points go up.

Don't do Dress-UP, then rich people will get lots of points.

Same with above, for the time it takes, One days is a certain amount, then just goes down with every day/week
I'm sorry I wasn't very helpful, it sort of hard to explain. (Oh, and this will go in General Help unless it's more then just asking for help)
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Some Help With A Contest I'm Doing
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