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 Luna ???

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PostSubject: Luna ???   Luna ??? EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 12:23 am

Name: Luna ???
Appearence: Long White Hair that just goes a bit past her shoulder ; Blue Eyes ; 5'5''. Blue Jeans with Worn Sneakers, and a White Tank Top with Black Vest.
Personality: Bubbly and Fun, but can be very Bossy and manipulative. She orders people around sometimes, but it isn't intentional. It sort of came with her Moon Powers, since the Moon controls the tides, she control people. However she can be very kind and warm-hearted. And is, unfortunately Nocturnal, and feels her spirits motivated at night.
Background: At the Age of 8, she was cursed with the Powers of the Moon. As Side Effects, her hair turned white and she lost her memory. She has no idea who she is, where she' from, and she knows nothing of her powers. She awoke to find a Cresselia by her side, claiming to be her guardian. Her name was Serenah. Attempting to start a new live, he traveled to the Biroh Region. She has know last name because she lost her memory, and named herself Luna, but no last name was given
Pokemon: Serenah - Cresselia Lv. 38 - See above
Aphrodite - Shiny Meloetta Lv. 35 - Serenah's Friend, joins Luna to protect her
Victor - Vulpix/Houndoom Lv. 30 - Luna's first Hybrid. She Adopted him when she was 4, but had forgotton about their strong bond
Artalune/Pearl Lv. 33 - Recently Caught
Items: A Pendant Shaped as a Crescent Moon, 6 Pokeballs, Several Potions, a Map,a Backpack, and a Photo of two adults who she doesn't know they are her parents
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Luna ???
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