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 Dawn Randall

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PostSubject: Dawn Randall   Dawn Randall EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 12:21 am

Name: Dawn Randall
Appearance: Dawn is tall and lean for a 12 year old, with short, messy brown hair, normal white skin, and big blue eyes that are covered by a pair of purple glasses. She also has freckles.

Dawn wears either a blue, orange, or black striped white short sleeved polo, and a pair of blue jeans with a PokeBall design on the back pockets. She also has a white bag, and a pair of white sneakers, with 3 pairs of socks, each one a different color, blue, orange, and black, in which she wears to match her shirt. She also has a belt that up to 6 PokeBalls can snap on to.

Personality: Dawn is a fun, smart, and nice person, though does have a bit of an anger problem. She cares greatly about Pokemon, and doesn't push them too hard, but will get angry at them when they misbehave. Dawn is very smart for her age, and knows a lot about Pokemon, but she can be easily distracted. Overall, Dawn is friendly to both people and Pokemon, and tries her best to help out a friend in need.

Backstory: Dawn lived a normal life in Cuttoro, but when she was 10, she went to the nearby spring for fun, when she saw an injured Ralts on the ground, fainted. Dawn took it home and nursed her back to health, and when she was all better she wanted to stay. She was then caught and named Wonder. They soon became wonderful friends.

A year later, on Dawn's 11th birthday, Wonder wanted to do something special, so during part of the party she sneaked off to find Dawn a good Pokemon present. That night, she lead Dawn out to the shore, and took her to where a young shiny Lapras was. After a hard battle with Wonder just barely winning, Dawn caught the Pokemon and named him Slush. After the battle, Wonder evolved into a Kirlia.

A month after her 12th birthday, Dawn found a strange egg. Dawn cared for it until it hatched into a Kirlia/ Amoonguss mix, and Dawn called her Amanda the Amoonglia. After another month, Dawn was about to start her journey.

Wonder the Kirlia, Level 25, see first paragraph of backstory
Slush the Shiny Lapras, Level 20, 2nd paragraph
Amanda the Amoonglia, Level 10, 3rd paragraph

Items: Some food, drink, and a gray jacket for when she gets cold.

Pictures of the three in my sig.
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Dawn Randall
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