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 Rain Tsukichi

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PostSubject: Rain Tsukichi   Rain Tsukichi EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 9:58 pm

Name: Rain Tsukichi
Personality: Although the picture shows her to be calm, she really isn't. She's very outgoing, and kind, and she loves pokemon to piecies.
Background: Rain was always eager to get a pokemon. Her first ever pokemon was a Hoothoot, which she named Nasha. She had it long before she even started her career in the world of Pokemon. She was skilled, and had a team of five other pokemon, which don't really matter here. Soon she learned of the Biroh region, and wanted to go there. That day, she came to the Region Of Insanity
Pokemon: Nasha (my pick-a-door pokemon!) - is it only pokemon that you've obtaine from it, or do pokemon entered count as well?
Items: She keeps a lot of potions and food with her, and she is usually prepared for a crisis.
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Rain Tsukichi
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